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Monarch Butterfly Release

Release live Monarch Butterflies for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, memorial services or any special event to add a uniquely colorful touch that will create a lasting impression.

Our lives are filled with a variety of events celebrating new beginnings and changes.  Our outdoor raised butterflies’ unique life cycle accentuate the essence of change.  What better way of celebrating your amazing new beginnings than with a release of these magical little flyers.

On your special day, you and/or your guests can participate in the celebration by setting free these beautiful fluttering animals.  Butterflies bring that special touch of elegance to your celebrations without the mess of rice, birdseed and balloons.  Weddings and events that we are coordinating are given first priority, however we can usually fulfill outside orders placed in advance.

Many civilizations believed that butterflies served as messengers of the soul while others believed that whispering a wish to a butterfly meant that wish would come true.  Butterflies are a joyous symbol of life and the very essence of happiness.  Choose a package of 2, 6 or 10 shimmering, spiraling, fluttering, gorgeous, live butterflies released during that special moment.  You can also aid in the preservation of this endangered species in Hawaii by ordering them for your wedding, reception, memorial service or other special event and releasing them to reproduce in the Islands.

2 A Beautiful pair of Monarch Butterflies $100
6 Graceful Monarch Butterflies $200
10 Brilliant Monarch Butterflies $300